How am I graded?

Colored Pie Chart.png

In math, grades are weighted. What this means is that certain types of assignments are worth a different percentage of your total grade. Independent assignments, such as quizzes, tests, or in-class assignments that are done on your own are worth 70% of your overall score. Assisted assignments, such as bellwork, homework, or assignments that you do in class with a partner or a group are worth 30% of your overall score. Not every assignment is graded, only those assignments that are good reflections of whether or not you understand the concepts we are learning are taken as a grade. Grades are taken on a mixture of these types of assignments and you will often see them color-coded in your online grade book. I try to update the grade book as often as I can so check back regularly to see new grades as they are posted.
Also, assignments that you feel you did not do your best on can be redone during morning tutoring, lunch tutoring, before school, or at another time we agree upon before the end of the nine weeks. You must set up these times with me in advance so that you will have enough time to get the work done before grades are locked in. You might notice that grades are different in middle school than they were in elementary school. Grades in math are given on a letter-grade basis with A meaning 90% and above, B meaning 80-89%, C meaning 70-79%, D meaning 60-69% and F meaning 59% or below. Opportunities for bonus points are given at different times throughout the school year. 
If you have any questions about how grades are taken feel free to e-mail me!